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When your hot water cylinder dies, waiting around for a new water heating system does not seem like an option, unless you love cold showers. But wait… instead of just getting the same hot water cylinder replaced immediately, why not review your whole hot water system?

Converting to gas hot water could you be the solution for you. Live in Birkenhead, Takapuna or Northcote? Why not talk to the North Shore gas fitting experts.

Let’s talk about gas

So you can get the best option for your home and family, we’ll tell you what you need to know before you replace your current hot water cylinder with the same type of system that’s just kicked the bucket.

For many, heating water is the second-largest expense in their homes. Interested in reducing your electricity bill each month? Love the idea of limitless hot water for your family? Converting to gas hot water may be the right solution.

Virtually limitless hot water

No more cold showers, even after everybody else has washed their hair! If you get an ‘instant’ system, you can turn on the tap and enjoy the luxury of endless hot water. Instant gas hot water systems provide continuous hot water that never goes cold, as the water is heated as it passes through the heater. Gas is only used when a hot water tap is turned on.

Safety first, always

Ensure the safety and efficiency of the gas hot water system in your home by working with a team of gas fitters on the North Shore you can trust. We work from Albany to Devonport, covering Birkenhead, Northcote, Milford, Long Bay and everywhere in between. Call 0800 747464. Converting to a gas hot water heating system is skilled work involving the installation and testing of gas califonts and plumbing. There is no room for cowboys, ever. 

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Hot water under control

With an instantaneous gas water heater there is no energy loss from storing hot water. You only use energy to heat your water when you want it. You do not need to store hot water anywhere. Gas hot water systems only heat water as needed.

All instantaneous gas water heaters come with temperature controller that can be positioned in your bathroom or a central area so you can adjust the water temperature to suit, especially useful with young children.

What size gas hot water heater do you need?

Continuous flow systems are sized by flow rate in litres per minute (L/Min). Generally speaking, the more bathrooms you have, the higher the flow rate required.

To get the right hot water system for you, and to match demand with hot water at the right temperature, we will analyse your home and water usage.

Hot water storage

Instantaneous or continuous flow HWS heat only as much water as you need, when you need it. New Zealand law requires hot water to be stored at 650C to reduce the risk of Legionnaires disease, which can be fatal.

Therefore, all hot water cylinders in New Zealand keep water at 650C round the clock. When you turn a tap on, a tempering valve ensures nobody is harmed or scalded. Working as a mixing tool, it combines cold water and hot water from your hot water cylinder to reduce the water temperature, normally to 550C.

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Which gas hot water system?

Deciding on the type, size and brand of LPG hot water system to install doesn’t have to be that hard. Rinnai has a great selection of brands and models from which to choose. Rinnai’s INFINITY® range of gas water heaters can be installed outside, so you won’t have to sacrifice any of your indoor living space, unlike your now defunct electric hot water system.

Gas hot water systems can be run on both natural gas and LPG bottles. If you don’t have piped natural gas to your North Shore home, it doesn’t matter. You can have a gas hot water system with LPG bottled gas. Our gas fitters will install a gas regulator, the gas bottle connectors, the gas piping, and then install and connect the hot water unit, including all the plumbing.

We will coordinate the initial gas delivery from your chosen LPG supplier so that we can then test the appliances before issuing a gas certificate.


Tom and his team were really professional and efficient. They did a great job and were very flexible. Will definitely be calling on Prentice Solutions again. Thank you.

Martina Stevenson – Home Owner – Te Atatu Peninsula, Auckland

The complete solution

If you’re looking at installing an instant gas hot water system at your North Shore home, look no further. The gas fitters at Prentice Solutions make everything easy. All you have to do is enjoy never-ending hot water.

Save money by converting to a gas hot water heating system. No more heating water when not required. Having to replace a broken electric hot water cylinder provides a great opportunity to install continuous flow LPG gas hot water system at your place.

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Call us and you get an experienced, skilled, licenced gas fitter. If you live on Auckland’s North Shore, converting to gas hot water to replace your broken hot water cylinder couldn’t be easier.