Gas fitting on the North Shore

Instant hot water at the flick of a tap

Never run out of hot water again!

Turn on the tap and enjoy the luxury of endless hot water. We’ll provide an expert solution to all your hot water woes.

Continuous flow hot water

Often referred to as “instantaneous”, a continuous flow hot water system heats only as much water as you need, when you need it. There is no storage cylinder, which means there are no energy losses from keeping water in a tank hot. Systems can be up to 95 per cent efficient.

You set the water temperature

Instant gas hot water systems provide continuous hot water that never goes cold; the water is heated as it passes through the system. The water temperature is set at a control panel, reducing the risk of scalding.

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No one solves hot water issues like we do

No matter where you live on the North Shore, you can have a gas continuous hot water system at your place.

If you’re looking at an instant gas hot water system, look no further. We can solve all your water heating issues and we are based right here on Auckland’s North Shore.

We make it simple. Just call 022 396 8141 and our gas fitters will arrive at your door when they say they will. Once your continuous gas hot water system has been installed, our gas fitters will magically clean up and vanish – just like your cold showers. It’s like they were never there, except you’ll have hot water when and where you want it, instantly.

Our registered gas fitters can handle any gas fitting job at your place, large or small.

Gas fitting North Shore

With a gas continuous flow hot water system, you’ll have all the hot water you could ever need for your bathroom, kitchen and laundry always heated to the exact temperature you select.

We’ll sort the flow out

We work with you to get you right the LPG hot water system to suit your home, family and water usage and the type of LPG delivery for your property.

Continuous flow systems are sized by flow rate in litres per minute (L/Min). Generally, the more bathrooms you have, the higher the flow rate required.

Prentice Solutions is very good at matching any demand for hot water at the right temperature, from a small residential unit to large commercial applications.

We’ll sort the gas out

If you do not already have LPG at your home, our gas fitters will install a gas regulator, the gas bottle connectors and the gas piping, then install and connect the hot water unit, including all the plumbing work required.

We will coordinate the initial gas delivery so that we can then test the appliances before issuing a gas certificate.

Talk to our gas fitters at Prentice Solutions about design advice and a no-obligation quote. Just call 0800 747464. We provide residential and gas fitting North Shore wide.  We are a small family-owned firm operating from our base in Birkenhead – we are not a franchise. North Shore home and business owners can trust us to take personal responsibility and a personal interest in all the gas fitting work we do.


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Hot water solutions that work

Don’t spend your life suffering through cold showers. For gas fitting North Shore homeowners call Prentice Solutions – gas fitters to get you into hot water.

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Prentice Solutions are the best. Reliable, affordable and super knowledgeable. If you need a plumber or gas fitter, I highly recommend Prentice Solutions.

Kimberley Summerville – Home Owner – Glenfield, Auckland

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