Hot Water Solutions

Most of us love a good, long, hot shower and hot water systems are easy to forget about, until something goes wrong. When there’s no hot water coming out of your taps, or your hot water pressure is terrible, it’s time to  call Prentice Solutions for a reliable plumber in Auckland.  We have all the options for hot water systems. 

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Get into hot water with Prentice Solutions

Need to fix or replace an old hot water cylinder or do you want help choosing the best solution for hot water systems in your home or business? Your water heating requirements depend on factors such as the size of your family or business, how much hot water you use and whether gas is already installed on the property. 

We can help you find the best solution for your place. We can advise on whether an electric hot water cylinder, heat pump or a conversion to gas instantaneous hot water system would best suit you. We can supply, install and repair hot water cylinders, heat pump systems or supply and install hot water gas califonts. 

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I was so happy with the professional job Prentice Solutions provided. I would most certainly recommend him to anyone else needing work done. He has such a lovely manner, was very honest and his quote was exactly as he said it would be. Perfect!

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Water Heating Solutions

Electric hot water cylinders

Up to 50% of your monthly energy bill is for water heating via a hot water cylinder. 

Electric hot water cylinders are good for households that use low to moderate amounts of hot water, but older hot water cylinders and pipes can often be poorly insulated, leading to heat loss. 

If you regularly run out of hot water, it is likely you have a low-pressure cylinder. Older cylinders tend to be smaller and low pressure, whereas modern electric hot water cylinders are high- or mains-pressure and hold 180 litres or more. We can install a new high pressure cylinder for you.

Mains-pressure cylinders give faster flow and allow you to use a wider range of tap fittings, but they will use more water and energy. A family of four typically needs about a 200-litre capacity hot water cylinder if they’re not going to regularly run out of hot water under normal use.

Gas continuous flow

Gas califonts provide ‘unlimited’ instant hot water. You get good, strong hot showers with good water pressure and as the gas bottle is stored outside, you get an extra free cupboard in your home. Gas instantaneous hot water is a very smart solution for heating your water. 

Gas hot water heaters use a califont to heat the water instantly: when you turn on the hot tap, the califont sparks up, heating the water as it flows through the system. The cost of using gas continuous flow hot water heating depends greatly on where you live or work in Auckland and whether your home or business can access reticulated gas. Running your gas hot water system on reticulated natural gas or reticulated LPG is cheaper than running it with LPG 45kg bottles.

Heat pump water heating 

Heat pumps are far more efficient than ordinary electric hot water systems and good for houses that consume relatively large amounts of hot water. Heat pump water heaters work like a refrigerator in reverse: generating heat, not cooling. 

There are two main types of systems: an all-in-one system where the heat pump is part of the hot water cylinder and a split system where the heat pump is located outside, and the hot water cylinder is inside the house.

All-in-one systems are a good water heating solution when renovating, building new or replacing old cylinders. A split system can be retrofitted to your existing hot water cylinder, assuming it is not too old.

Heat pump water heaters cost more at the outset than a standard electric water heater, but their low running costs means your hot water bill can be reduce by about two thirds.


Prentice Solutions are the best. Reliable, affordable and super knowledgeable. If you need a plumber or gas fitter, I highly recommend Prentice Solutions.

Kimberley Summerville – Home Owner – Glenfield, Auckland

Call us for a plumber in Auckland to get your hot water systems running right. Prentice Solutions services all of Auckland, from Orewa though the North Shore and central Auckland to Manukau.