Rain Water Tanks for Auckland

Rain water harvesting solutions

Why make your life harder and suffer the inconvenience of Auckland water restrictions, something we will probably see more of in the future? We install water tanks North Shore to the Bombays.

Auckland benefits from regular rainfall most of the year. Install a rainwater tank at your North Shore home and you can water your garden, wash the car, wash the boat, wash the house and even wash the kids. Rainwater tanks also protect the environment from the effects of excess stormwater runoff. 

Why pay to use city water supplies when you can take advantage of a rainwater harvesting system and use the free water that lands on the roof of your North Shore property?

To encourage rainwater tank installation, Auckland Council has even removed resource consent fees for rainwater tank applications for residential properties.

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Why collect rainwater on your North Shore property?

Only 3% of the water used by a typical Auckland household is for drinking or cooking – the vast amount of majority of the water you pay for gets flushed straight down the drain. 

Collecting rainwater enables you to:

  • make use of a wonderful natural resource
  • have water during Auckland’s more frequent water restrictions or in times of an emergency
  • save money on your water bill by using rain water to water the garden, wash the car, top up spas and swimming pools, flush the toilet or fill your washing machine.

We install home water harvesting systems throughout Auckland

Experts in water storage and water treatment for residential clients, Prentice Solutions offers a reliable water tank installation and water pump maintenance service. Fully qualified to offer advice on your pump systems, filtration, spouting, guttering and pipes, we bring years of plumbing skills and experience to your water harvesting system. Just call 022 3968141.

There are many different rainwater tanks to choose from; selecting the one right can be tricky. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials including plastic, concrete or metal. Tanks range in size from 200-litre rain barrels to 25,000 litre tanks that connect to internal plumbing for full water supply.

Registered plumbers like the team from Prentice Solutions can offer advice on the best tank to choose, where it should go on your property and how to connect it to your roof, spouting and plumbing.

Stormwater drainage

If the storm water drain on your property is altered to accommodate a water tank, a licenced plumber must carry out the work and a building consent is required. This is to ensure the protection of the public water supply as well as the quality of tank water.

A qualified, registered plumber will need to install any plumbing joining the rainwater tank to the internal plumbing of your home and you will also need to get a building consent before you do the work.

Water tank installation costs

Many of our North Shore clients are surprised to discover the difference a rainwater harvesting system can make to their monthly water bills. Depending on usage and the size of tank, a rainwater harvesting system can pay for itself within two to five years.

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Water pump installation and maintenance

We can fit the right pump system or fix an existing problematic pump. Having the correct pump for the job is the most important aspect of any water pump installation. With years of experience in water pump system designs, repairs and installations, we will ensure your water pump system is designed right.

Regular servicing can make a huge difference to the life of your water pump. Household water pumps should be serviced every 3 or 4 years.


Not only was the level of work of high standard, Tom & his team are very proactive, approachable, friendly and they’re courteous when working in your home. I have already had you work for me three times because I know it’ll get done once, and right. Cheers.

Hannah Osborne – Home Owner – Forrest Hill, Auckland

Why get Prentice Solutions on the job? Because as our name suggests, we are committed to providing solutions rather than excuses. When they want efective rain water harvesting and water tanks North Shore residents call us.