Hot Water cylinder repair

Solutions for hot water cylinders from Albany to Avondale

No hot water? You need that fixed and you need that fixed fast. Call Prentice Solutions. We do hot water cylinder repairs across Auckland. We do checks and repairs to existing hot water systems and if we can’t solve the problem, we can also carry out new hot water cylinder installations.

Get hot water on tap

No one wants to be left without hot water. We understand how important it is to get your hot water up and running again as soon as possible, so we put a huge emphasis on prioritising hot water repairs. Call 022 3968141.

Out hot water cylinder services include:

  • Valve or cartridge replacements
  • Repair of leaky cylinder pipework
  • Full replacement of leaking cylinders
  • New hot water cylinder installation
  • Relocation of cylinders
  • Replacement of low-pressure cylinders with mains pressure.
hot water cylinder installation

We solve all hot water issues

More often than not, hot water cylinders can be repaired. If you are unsure whether you need a repair, a service or a replacement, give us a call. We’ll come to your place and we’ll let you know.

All hot water heater brands and models

The Prentice Solutions team has the skills and experience to efficiently find the problem with your hot water system and fix it fast, no matter what type of hot water cylinder you have at your place. We will be there pronto to make sure that you no longer have to worry about your lack of hot water.

Get an effective solution, fast. We carry out hot water cylinder repairs in Albany and across all of Auckland.

Don’t accidentally land yourself in hot water

Hot water cylinder repairs and installation is a job that should only be tackled by licenced plumbers. We will ensure that your hot water cylinder is set up and installed to NZ standards.

For safe hot water system repairs and installations at your Albany home, you can count on your local plumbing experts. Simply call 022 3968141 for a solution.

Does my hot water cylinder need a service?

There are several signs that your hot water cylinder might need a service. For example:

– Hot water leaks are a pretty clear sign that a repair is in order, but the problem may not neccesarily be with the hot water cylinder itself. We have specialist equipment for leak detection and repair.
– The water from your hot water system is brown or rusty in colour or contains sediment.
– The hot water system is making strange sounds, such as creaking, cracking or popping.
– The water from your hot water system smells funny.
– Hot water is running out sooner than you would like or the temperature keeps fluctuating.
– Hot water pressure is less than ideal.

The Prentice Solutions team is available to repair or service your hot water system. Most issues can be fixed. However, should we find a safety issue or discover that your hot water system is beyond repair, we can provide a quote for a replacement.

Looking for a local Albany plumbing company to sort your hot water out? Look no further. Whether you need increased hot water pressure, or actual hot water, we can help. We supply, install and repair hot water cylinders right across Auckland.


Prentice Solutions are the best. Reliable, affordable and super knowledgeable. If you need a plumber or gas fitter, I highly recommend Prentice Solutions.

Kimberley Summerville – Home Owner – Glenfield, Auckland

We carry out the quality of hot water cylinder repair Albany residents tell their friends about – for the right reasons. We service all of the North Shore from Albany to Devonport.